The Energy of a Beginning – How Ace!

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To me, the Aces are always a reminder that just as things end, things always have a beginning. What we do with that beginning is entirely up to us but the potential is just sitting there, waiting to be taken up. Life has a habit of beating us up, sometimes it feels as though we’re drowning in everybody else’s crap and there is no lifeline to be found. It’s not often we find ourselves believing in new starts, new beginnings or possibilities because we get so ground down by the mundanity of life, the negativity of the press, the sadness that lives within this world or the heartbreak of loss that never seems to end. There was a time in my life when I would have looked at the Aces as something that happened to that happy, person over there that I was secretly resenting and hating because they had everything I wanted but couldn’t seem to find. The energy of the Aces was foreign to me because life felt like something that happened to you instead of being something of a vehicle that you could steer toward the outcomes or dreams that you wanted to see materialise.

But one day I saw a card on a website and it hit me, the damn card stuck in my mind and made me fall in love with it. It was the Ace of Wands from the Crystal Visions Tarot. Now in theory, this card is everything I normally wouldn’t look for in a deck. It’s pretty, pink, floral and just exudes that happy-happy vibe that normally makes me want to close my eyes until it goes away. I ended up buying the deck, it’s not a deck I use often, but it is a deck that most of the time can cheer me up when I look through the cards. For me, at that time, there was just such positivity and power in the image on that card, it grabbed my heart and squeezed, forcing me to pay attention.

The Aces were talking and they had something important to say.

Never give up.

Always believe in a new beginning – find your own or beat a path to it if you need to.

Sometimes you need a little neon pink in your life to make you smile.

And so in honour of the card that spoke to me this one bleak and sad day, here are the Aces from The Crystal Visions Tarot. There is about each and every one of them that exudes an energy. (I have to admit, second to the Wands, I do so adore the Swords). They all have such a powerful message, one that can be applied to each day of your life, and one that I am trying to now begin to work with. It’s not easy but they are each a reminder that you can do amazing things if you put your mind to it, all you need is a little reminder sometimes of what you’re actually capable.

Ace of Wands

It is time to harness creative energy and move forward, putting fears aside in order to cultivate a dream


Ace of Cups

A time for new spiritual and emotional growth, a new partnership, marriage or mending of a relationship


Ace of Swords

New beginnings, a new point of view or inspiration


Ace of Pentacles

The ability to attract what you need in order to prosper while remaining grounded and down to earth


All images by Jennifer Galasso, Crystal Visions Tarot, US Games 2011