Tea & Tarot Weekly

April 3rd


Knight of Cups/Seven of Cups/Eight of Cups

Wait…..did I shuffle that right?…Maybe I should go again

The theme of this reading I think. Wait, should I go again or just let things go?

First week out and it’s a water filled week. The Cups are speaking and they have a bit to say. We’re heading into the final stretch of a Venus Retrograde and she’s moving back into her comfy house of Pisces so things might seem a little bit emotionally charged right now. There’s going to be a definite pull between heart and head, walking away from things and trying to find meaning in the areas of your life that are falling apart or experiencing a bit of a rocky climb.

Take a look at the Knight – he’s pretty happy cruising along on his dragon, finding himself in water looking at the fishes. He’s thinking he’s got everything lined up, his lady is wistfully awaiting his return and he’s coming at her with all these cups full of tokens ready to show he’s a damned fine catch. What he can’t see is that she’s got some damn fine wings of her own and she’s not waiting about for him to make up his mind; because she’s always waiting around til he’s good and ready to come home and be all emotional and connected. But wait! You say, I’m not waiting around for any person. True, true but what is not realised is that the person you are waiting around for is you.

Heading into autumn (or spring for my Northern Hem friends), it’s a time of balance, of seeking out the parts of yourself you deny or hide or simply don’t have time to work with anymore. You’re beginning to learn that you don’t know who you are; aspects of your personality, hidden desires that dwell deep within that never fully come into being are working their way through your subconscious and are crying out to see the light of day. There’s no need to hide your beautiful soul behind a facade of normality. Begin integration of your whole being and you’ll start to see the dots connect and a full, stunning picture of who you are come out. Dream a little, be courageous and let yourself get up on that dragon and fly!

If you deny yourself living only in your dreams and not being fully present in the moment you’ll find yourself not unlike our Seven of Cups friend. He is so split between his obligations, his dreams and trying to find a way to fit it all together. His cups are full of just everything he can possibly stuff in them and he’s lost. He can’t see that big old dragon behind him starting a hole in him because he knows he needs some help reassessing his cups and bringing it together in a way that helps him achieve the things he needs to achieve. If you keep focusing on too many things, ignoring the reality of your situation and still insisting on doing everything because you feel like you’re the only one who can, you’re going to find yourself living too much in the land of dreams and not realistically attaining any goals you set for yourself. It might be time to look at where you are spending your time. Does it really matter that much? Is it serving you well? Are you becoming who you need to be? What do you need to let go of? Time to put all your cups on the table; really look at them. What needs your attention right now?

There she goes – Miss Eight of Cups – abandoning her responsibilities because they’re all so hard. Is she happy? Hell no! She hasn’t realised yet that the happiness and fulfilment she seeks can only come from within, can only coming from owning who she is and finding herself. She’s off to join the circus (or travelling band of musicians – who knows?) to try and find if that’s going to make her happy. She’s searching for that one external factor that will complete her life and make everything perfect. What she doesn’t see on the road ahead is more of that unhappiness and disappointment she’s currently feeling. Until she can figure out where she’s going and what she truly wants in life, there is never going to be an experience or person or job or place that will fulfil her. It’s time to stand still peeps, it’s time to take a breath and see where you’re at. Time to delve deep into that part of yourself that you’ve been ignoring and ask it what it wants; the soul, the I.D, the happy little monster hiding in your heart – whatever it is that talks to you in the deep, dark alone – it’s screaming to be heard now. It’s sick of being traipsed all over the place in search of that one little thing that makes everything better.

It knows that what you want is already inside of you – hell, it’s probably pointing at it right now. Listen: can you hear  the yoo hoo, over here? Take a step inside and see what it’s pointing at. Before you turn away and run from yourself, take a long hard look and see why you think an external thing will make you happy, will make you love yourself more, make you feel like others can love you. It’s time to do some serious internal work. Just look at the dragons there in the pond; they’ve got the water to fill the chalice, they’ve got those lovely plants not quite blooming but getting there. You’ve only got to realise that there is a deep well within that can fill any chalice and give you what you need to be whole. Just take the time to find out.

Wow, water’s feeling a little harsh this week. It’s not playing. The Venus Retrograde is going to bringing things up that are going to give you an emotional kicking. Sometimes it works out for the best, other times it’s a catalyst for changing the things that need changing but either way, the real message of the cards is that it comes from you and only you can find that path to your bliss, whatever that may be.

*In honour of this very watery week, a brew to help calm the nerves and give a bit of an emotional boost:

Calm Me Venus Tea

2 pts Chamomile Flowers
1 pt Lemon Balm
1 pt Spearmint
½ pt Rose Petals
¼  pt Liquorice Root

*Tea recipe offered as a guideline only. Please do not take these herbs without knowing their interactions with any medication or condition you may have.
Deck Images: Celtic Dragon Tarot/DJ Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications US/Nov 1999

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