Tea & Tarot Weekly – Apr 10th


Cards: Judgement/Strength/Three of Pentacles

Might be a little bit of need to work through some stuff this week

So we’re coming to the end of the Venus Retrograde (has it been kind to you?) and things are starting to look a bit clearer – if you’ve reconnected to people from your past, hold off on making any major decisions about the relationships you’re rebuilding. When Venus goes direct she’ll be shining a light on the bonds forged during this time; you’ll either like what you see or you won’t, but you will be seeing things clearer.

Ooohh and there we have it, loud and clear with Judgement telling you that something or someone has come back into your life and they’re going to be offering some influences for good or ill. Nothing quite brings us to the present like the past knocking on our door. What have you achieved since then? Have you grown as a person or are you still living in that bubble that broke you? You need to deal with that now before the repercussions come screaming back to hit you upside the head. You might find yourself having to deal with some things you thought long done; depending on the issues knocking at your door, you may welcome them or you may be looking for ways to hie them out and slam that door hard on the past. It’s all about the change though, who you are now versus who you were then. Have you changed? Or are you still letting that past issue rule you? Can you firmly close the door on it knowing it’s never going to be opened again or are you still leaving it open a crack so that past issue can get their foot in any time they like?

The scene on this card isn’t wonderful – it has that deathbed vibe doesn’t it? Time to lay some things to bed and let them die, let them move on and become something else or someone else. Tuck it up real nice and walk away. Not saying you have to leave compassion, acceptance or even the pain of it behind because sometimes you need those things to be strong, but a little love and understanding followed by firmness and wisdom can do wonders for the soul. Let Venus do her work and then let her go.

Strength comes in many different forms – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual but all of life demands a little strength from time to time and moving through this period you are going to need all the strength you can muster. It’s time for you to be who you are and not let what has been or what could be get the better of you. You’re the master of your own destiny and nobody can take that from you. Let strength guide you, let your inner light shine bright. Go barefoot and wild into the world and own what you want, own who you are and find the courage to let things unfold as they must. You’re moving on from facing those shadows that Venus Retrograde has thrown up, she’s showing you now that you have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done in order for that lid to be firmly closed. You’re strong as f**k – you have a spirit that can’t be conquered and now it’s time to light it up and show the world your fire.

Look at that soul, so happy painting his door because he knows that everything in front of him is his through hard work, application and making for damn sure no-one tried to rain on his parade. Is this you? Are you letting people dictate your happiness? Time to take back what’s yours and own it; know that what you have, you earned. Time to find your satisfaction and get moving toward the things you want. Get inspired and get out there, find your bliss and let the good things come to you (or go out and find them). Let nothing stand in your way, start painting your door, start putting the future right in front of you instead of down the road. It’s time to go people, there’s nothing stopping you!

To my Southern Hemisphere Bretheren – Happy Easter if you celebrate it, if not have a great long weekend (and indulge in the yummy chocolate, I know I will be).

Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot/ D. J Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications/1999

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