Tea & Tarot Weekly – April 24th


Week #3 – 24th April

Cards: Eight of Pentacles/Five of Cups/The Magician

How is everyone surviving the retrograde planet pile-up? Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter are working their little butts off, giving us lessons, uncovering shadows and showing us the way forward. I bet it’s not been pleasant though; it can illuminate the things we wish to ignore but as things go, whatever we try to run away from often comes back in the end.

That being said, the cards are not too bad this week. Mind you, there’s definitely an element of learning your lesson or learning something. You’ve got an opportunity to grow, to change, to grasp some new information that might make all the difference in the world so be open, be ready to hear it and understand it’s coming from a place that will be of benefit to you. Don’t ignore the lesson because it might not be taught in a way you understand because if you do, you’ll find yourself like Mr Five of Cups over there looking all a bit sorry for himself.

He’s discovered things are not as they seem and it hurt. It’s going to hurt because some part of you was probably holding on tight to the illusion, hoping that what you saw or what you knew was right. That bandaid got straight ripped off and now you’re having to deal with what lies underneath. You might find some relationships change and they’re not the same as they were, it’s entirely possible some might end all together which is never fun. It can be necessary, but not fun. While we’re all sitting in the middle of multiple retrogrades, you might find that the relationship most effected is the one you have with yourself. What new things might come to light because you are finally being honest with who you are? Take the time to find out because it’s going to be an important part of your growth moving forward.

If you can learn from your lessons or see the truth in things, you have a fantastic opportunity to begin a new life cycle. Integrate those lessons, begin creating something new and fantastic; you can do it, you just have to be willing to do it. Take the time to focus on the things that matter most to you. After all, with all of this retrograding going on, there are bound to be some chances for change.

Let yourself be happy and feel the new changes; become.

That’s about all I feel I can say.

Just become.

Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot/ D. J Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications/1999

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