Tea & Tarot Weekly – May 1st


Week #4

The Cards: The Hanged Man/Page of Swords/Two of Pentacles

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is make a decision; with so many options and possibilities it can be hard to get your mind around the way forward or even knowing what to do when you get there. You can’t make any progress if you don’t first put your foot out and test the waters. Look at all of those dragons watching the Hanged Man – they’re all wondering when he’s going to finally make a decision and know where he’s going. Things will change and things will move forward but he’s got to allow himself the time to make the choices he needs to make. Things might feel suspended; even moving inward to reflect and take the time for some introspection is moving forward. Whatever you discover is going to lead you on taking you where you need to be.

Not paying attention, not listening to yourself and not making forward movement can bring about stagnation and inattention which can cause all sorts of problems. The young Page there, he’s setting parchment on fire – I wonder what message was on there while he was busy burning things down. It’s not always a good idea to ruin things or move your attention away from things if they no longer hold your interest because you could missing something rather important. Being impulsive and reckless is all well and fine but it’s going to lead you up a path you can’t come back from right away. You might even find yourself entering a rather troubled path that you had not expected. So be mindful, pay attention, heed the messages and just listen.

Because if you can get all of that in order, you’ll find that you can balance the trouble with the good and you just might make it across the way without too many problems. There is always change in the air, and change is a good thing, it’s the vehicle that drives life but you have to be prepared for it. It might not always be the easy road and you could find yourself having to deal with more than one situation at a time but ultimately, if you can get a handle on yourself and what is going on around you, you’ll be able to control the outcome.

Bumpy road ahead folks. Some hard decisions, even harder choices and a balancing act that would get respect from a circus high beam walker is quite possible. But being able to see the issues coming, knowing what is sneaking up behind, will prepare you to own it like a Boss and not be ruled by it. If you want to come out the other side relatively in tact, keep your eyes open, pay attention and get ready for the bumpy ride; because at the end of this road, harmony people, harmony. Things going nice and smoothly, better than you ever had thought, it’s just those tricky potholes on the way there.

Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot/ D. J Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications/1999

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