Me – The Reader

Welcome to Three Cats Tea & Tarot, my personal and professional tarot space. I’m not particularly good at the whole ‘About Me’ thing so I’ll keep it pretty simple. Hi, my name is Stacey, 33, Aries Sun/Leo Rising/Capricorn Moon but with a Scorpio dominant chart (such fun), Australian and a very happy country dweller. Why Three Cats Tea & Tarot? Mostly because I have three cats (adorably spoilt princesses), drink copious amounts of tea and I love tarot (I would have shoved books and gardening in the title somewhere but it didn’t seem to fit) so that’s me in a nutshell; Cats, Tea (English Breakfast preferable), Tarot (and Oracle of course), Books (big book nerd) and Gardening (green fingered, herb mad).

I love to read cards – I’ve been doing for quite a few years now. I’m not claiming to be some greatly gifted psychic (I’m not), nor having some great power that allows me to read cards, I am however what is referred to as ‘claircognizant‘ which seems to channel itself through readings.  I’m basically a pretty down to earth, normal person who happens to be very good at, and have a talent for, reading cards with pretty decent accuracy.

My Reading Style

No fluffiness or vagueness here, I’m blunt, honest and will tell you what I see, I figure if you’re willing to pay for a reading from me, I should give you the best reading I possibly can. I know I never liked getting fluffy, vague readings that had no bearing on my life or made no sense so I make sure that I make sense or the reading has some insight or advice that can help you moving forward.

I won’t say I am ‘predictive’ in the traditional sense. My readings tend to be insightful, often give an overview of your situation with practical solutions based on what I see with the occasional far reaching prediction of the future.  I prefer to not label myself as one who reads the future because it doesn’t always come out that way but if it does – bonus.

So why would you get a reading if not for the telling of your future?

Tarot is an excellent tool for offering insight and guidance. It has no fakery or artifice and will generally give you the honest truth about what is going on in your life. It is powerful and oftentimes can leave you surprised, shocked, breathless and even a bit emotional with what it tells you. I love it; cards have always been my favourite form of divination because it tells a story with a beginning, middle and end. It can offer a roadmap of options and the results of what can happen if particular decisions are made. Think of tarot as your yellow brick road leading you toward your Emerald City. Sure there might be some flying monkeys and less than easy travels but ultimately, it can show you what lies ahead so when you’re there staring at that big old shiny green city, you’ll know what to expect.

If you’d like to check out a sample reading to see what you’re going to be getting, click here for a sample reading.