Tea & Tarot Weekly – May 1st


Week #4

The Cards: The Hanged Man/Page of Swords/Two of Pentacles

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is make a decision; with so many options and possibilities it can be hard to get your mind around the way forward or even knowing what to do when you get there. You can’t make any progress if you don’t first put your foot out and test the waters. Look at all of those dragons watching the Hanged Man – they’re all wondering when he’s going to finally make a decision and know where he’s going. Things will change and things will move forward but he’s got to allow himself the time to make the choices he needs to make. Things might feel suspended; even moving inward to reflect and take the time for some introspection is moving forward. Whatever you discover is going to lead you on taking you where you need to be.

Not paying attention, not listening to yourself and not making forward movement can bring about stagnation and inattention which can cause all sorts of problems. The young Page there, he’s setting parchment on fire – I wonder what message was on there while he was busy burning things down. It’s not always a good idea to ruin things or move your attention away from things if they no longer hold your interest because you could missing something rather important. Being impulsive and reckless is all well and fine but it’s going to lead you up a path you can’t come back from right away. You might even find yourself entering a rather troubled path that you had not expected. So be mindful, pay attention, heed the messages and just listen.

Because if you can get all of that in order, you’ll find that you can balance the trouble with the good and you just might make it across the way without too many problems. There is always change in the air, and change is a good thing, it’s the vehicle that drives life but you have to be prepared for it. It might not always be the easy road and you could find yourself having to deal with more than one situation at a time but ultimately, if you can get a handle on yourself and what is going on around you, you’ll be able to control the outcome.

Bumpy road ahead folks. Some hard decisions, even harder choices and a balancing act that would get respect from a circus high beam walker is quite possible. But being able to see the issues coming, knowing what is sneaking up behind, will prepare you to own it like a Boss and not be ruled by it. If you want to come out the other side relatively in tact, keep your eyes open, pay attention and get ready for the bumpy ride; because at the end of this road, harmony people, harmony. Things going nice and smoothly, better than you ever had thought, it’s just those tricky potholes on the way there.

Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot/ D. J Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications/1999

Tea & Tarot Weekly – April 24th


Week #3 – 24th April

Cards: Eight of Pentacles/Five of Cups/The Magician

How is everyone surviving the retrograde planet pile-up? Saturn, Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter are working their little butts off, giving us lessons, uncovering shadows and showing us the way forward. I bet it’s not been pleasant though; it can illuminate the things we wish to ignore but as things go, whatever we try to run away from often comes back in the end.

That being said, the cards are not too bad this week. Mind you, there’s definitely an element of learning your lesson or learning something. You’ve got an opportunity to grow, to change, to grasp some new information that might make all the difference in the world so be open, be ready to hear it and understand it’s coming from a place that will be of benefit to you. Don’t ignore the lesson because it might not be taught in a way you understand because if you do, you’ll find yourself like Mr Five of Cups over there looking all a bit sorry for himself.

He’s discovered things are not as they seem and it hurt. It’s going to hurt because some part of you was probably holding on tight to the illusion, hoping that what you saw or what you knew was right. That bandaid got straight ripped off and now you’re having to deal with what lies underneath. You might find some relationships change and they’re not the same as they were, it’s entirely possible some might end all together which is never fun. It can be necessary, but not fun. While we’re all sitting in the middle of multiple retrogrades, you might find that the relationship most effected is the one you have with yourself. What new things might come to light because you are finally being honest with who you are? Take the time to find out because it’s going to be an important part of your growth moving forward.

If you can learn from your lessons or see the truth in things, you have a fantastic opportunity to begin a new life cycle. Integrate those lessons, begin creating something new and fantastic; you can do it, you just have to be willing to do it. Take the time to focus on the things that matter most to you. After all, with all of this retrograding going on, there are bound to be some chances for change.

Let yourself be happy and feel the new changes; become.

That’s about all I feel I can say.

Just become.

Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot/ D. J Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications/1999

Tea & Tarot Weekly – Apr 10th


Cards: Judgement/Strength/Three of Pentacles

Might be a little bit of need to work through some stuff this week

So we’re coming to the end of the Venus Retrograde (has it been kind to you?) and things are starting to look a bit clearer – if you’ve reconnected to people from your past, hold off on making any major decisions about the relationships you’re rebuilding. When Venus goes direct she’ll be shining a light on the bonds forged during this time; you’ll either like what you see or you won’t, but you will be seeing things clearer.

Ooohh and there we have it, loud and clear with Judgement telling you that something or someone has come back into your life and they’re going to be offering some influences for good or ill. Nothing quite brings us to the present like the past knocking on our door. What have you achieved since then? Have you grown as a person or are you still living in that bubble that broke you? You need to deal with that now before the repercussions come screaming back to hit you upside the head. You might find yourself having to deal with some things you thought long done; depending on the issues knocking at your door, you may welcome them or you may be looking for ways to hie them out and slam that door hard on the past. It’s all about the change though, who you are now versus who you were then. Have you changed? Or are you still letting that past issue rule you? Can you firmly close the door on it knowing it’s never going to be opened again or are you still leaving it open a crack so that past issue can get their foot in any time they like?

The scene on this card isn’t wonderful – it has that deathbed vibe doesn’t it? Time to lay some things to bed and let them die, let them move on and become something else or someone else. Tuck it up real nice and walk away. Not saying you have to leave compassion, acceptance or even the pain of it behind because sometimes you need those things to be strong, but a little love and understanding followed by firmness and wisdom can do wonders for the soul. Let Venus do her work and then let her go.

Strength comes in many different forms – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual but all of life demands a little strength from time to time and moving through this period you are going to need all the strength you can muster. It’s time for you to be who you are and not let what has been or what could be get the better of you. You’re the master of your own destiny and nobody can take that from you. Let strength guide you, let your inner light shine bright. Go barefoot and wild into the world and own what you want, own who you are and find the courage to let things unfold as they must. You’re moving on from facing those shadows that Venus Retrograde has thrown up, she’s showing you now that you have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done in order for that lid to be firmly closed. You’re strong as f**k – you have a spirit that can’t be conquered and now it’s time to light it up and show the world your fire.

Look at that soul, so happy painting his door because he knows that everything in front of him is his through hard work, application and making for damn sure no-one tried to rain on his parade. Is this you? Are you letting people dictate your happiness? Time to take back what’s yours and own it; know that what you have, you earned. Time to find your satisfaction and get moving toward the things you want. Get inspired and get out there, find your bliss and let the good things come to you (or go out and find them). Let nothing stand in your way, start painting your door, start putting the future right in front of you instead of down the road. It’s time to go people, there’s nothing stopping you!

To my Southern Hemisphere Bretheren – Happy Easter if you celebrate it, if not have a great long weekend (and indulge in the yummy chocolate, I know I will be).

Deck: The Celtic Dragon Tarot/ D. J Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications/1999

Tea & Tarot Weekly

April 3rd


Knight of Cups/Seven of Cups/Eight of Cups

Wait…..did I shuffle that right?…Maybe I should go again

The theme of this reading I think. Wait, should I go again or just let things go?

First week out and it’s a water filled week. The Cups are speaking and they have a bit to say. We’re heading into the final stretch of a Venus Retrograde and she’s moving back into her comfy house of Pisces so things might seem a little bit emotionally charged right now. There’s going to be a definite pull between heart and head, walking away from things and trying to find meaning in the areas of your life that are falling apart or experiencing a bit of a rocky climb.

Take a look at the Knight – he’s pretty happy cruising along on his dragon, finding himself in water looking at the fishes. He’s thinking he’s got everything lined up, his lady is wistfully awaiting his return and he’s coming at her with all these cups full of tokens ready to show he’s a damned fine catch. What he can’t see is that she’s got some damn fine wings of her own and she’s not waiting about for him to make up his mind; because she’s always waiting around til he’s good and ready to come home and be all emotional and connected. But wait! You say, I’m not waiting around for any person. True, true but what is not realised is that the person you are waiting around for is you.

Heading into autumn (or spring for my Northern Hem friends), it’s a time of balance, of seeking out the parts of yourself you deny or hide or simply don’t have time to work with anymore. You’re beginning to learn that you don’t know who you are; aspects of your personality, hidden desires that dwell deep within that never fully come into being are working their way through your subconscious and are crying out to see the light of day. There’s no need to hide your beautiful soul behind a facade of normality. Begin integration of your whole being and you’ll start to see the dots connect and a full, stunning picture of who you are come out. Dream a little, be courageous and let yourself get up on that dragon and fly!

If you deny yourself living only in your dreams and not being fully present in the moment you’ll find yourself not unlike our Seven of Cups friend. He is so split between his obligations, his dreams and trying to find a way to fit it all together. His cups are full of just everything he can possibly stuff in them and he’s lost. He can’t see that big old dragon behind him starting a hole in him because he knows he needs some help reassessing his cups and bringing it together in a way that helps him achieve the things he needs to achieve. If you keep focusing on too many things, ignoring the reality of your situation and still insisting on doing everything because you feel like you’re the only one who can, you’re going to find yourself living too much in the land of dreams and not realistically attaining any goals you set for yourself. It might be time to look at where you are spending your time. Does it really matter that much? Is it serving you well? Are you becoming who you need to be? What do you need to let go of? Time to put all your cups on the table; really look at them. What needs your attention right now?

There she goes – Miss Eight of Cups – abandoning her responsibilities because they’re all so hard. Is she happy? Hell no! She hasn’t realised yet that the happiness and fulfilment she seeks can only come from within, can only coming from owning who she is and finding herself. She’s off to join the circus (or travelling band of musicians – who knows?) to try and find if that’s going to make her happy. She’s searching for that one external factor that will complete her life and make everything perfect. What she doesn’t see on the road ahead is more of that unhappiness and disappointment she’s currently feeling. Until she can figure out where she’s going and what she truly wants in life, there is never going to be an experience or person or job or place that will fulfil her. It’s time to stand still peeps, it’s time to take a breath and see where you’re at. Time to delve deep into that part of yourself that you’ve been ignoring and ask it what it wants; the soul, the I.D, the happy little monster hiding in your heart – whatever it is that talks to you in the deep, dark alone – it’s screaming to be heard now. It’s sick of being traipsed all over the place in search of that one little thing that makes everything better.

It knows that what you want is already inside of you – hell, it’s probably pointing at it right now. Listen: can you hear  the yoo hoo, over here? Take a step inside and see what it’s pointing at. Before you turn away and run from yourself, take a long hard look and see why you think an external thing will make you happy, will make you love yourself more, make you feel like others can love you. It’s time to do some serious internal work. Just look at the dragons there in the pond; they’ve got the water to fill the chalice, they’ve got those lovely plants not quite blooming but getting there. You’ve only got to realise that there is a deep well within that can fill any chalice and give you what you need to be whole. Just take the time to find out.

Wow, water’s feeling a little harsh this week. It’s not playing. The Venus Retrograde is going to bringing things up that are going to give you an emotional kicking. Sometimes it works out for the best, other times it’s a catalyst for changing the things that need changing but either way, the real message of the cards is that it comes from you and only you can find that path to your bliss, whatever that may be.

*In honour of this very watery week, a brew to help calm the nerves and give a bit of an emotional boost:

Calm Me Venus Tea

2 pts Chamomile Flowers
1 pt Lemon Balm
1 pt Spearmint
½ pt Rose Petals
¼  pt Liquorice Root

*Tea recipe offered as a guideline only. Please do not take these herbs without knowing their interactions with any medication or condition you may have.
Deck Images: Celtic Dragon Tarot/DJ Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications US/Nov 1999

The Energy of a Beginning – How Ace!

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To me, the Aces are always a reminder that just as things end, things always have a beginning. What we do with that beginning is entirely up to us but the potential is just sitting there, waiting to be taken up. Life has a habit of beating us up, sometimes it feels as though we’re drowning in everybody else’s crap and there is no lifeline to be found. It’s not often we find ourselves believing in new starts, new beginnings or possibilities because we get so ground down by the mundanity of life, the negativity of the press, the sadness that lives within this world or the heartbreak of loss that never seems to end. There was a time in my life when I would have looked at the Aces as something that happened to that happy, person over there that I was secretly resenting and hating because they had everything I wanted but couldn’t seem to find. The energy of the Aces was foreign to me because life felt like something that happened to you instead of being something of a vehicle that you could steer toward the outcomes or dreams that you wanted to see materialise.

But one day I saw a card on a website and it hit me, the damn card stuck in my mind and made me fall in love with it. It was the Ace of Wands from the Crystal Visions Tarot. Now in theory, this card is everything I normally wouldn’t look for in a deck. It’s pretty, pink, floral and just exudes that happy-happy vibe that normally makes me want to close my eyes until it goes away. I ended up buying the deck, it’s not a deck I use often, but it is a deck that most of the time can cheer me up when I look through the cards. For me, at that time, there was just such positivity and power in the image on that card, it grabbed my heart and squeezed, forcing me to pay attention.

The Aces were talking and they had something important to say.

Never give up.

Always believe in a new beginning – find your own or beat a path to it if you need to.

Sometimes you need a little neon pink in your life to make you smile.

And so in honour of the card that spoke to me this one bleak and sad day, here are the Aces from The Crystal Visions Tarot. There is about each and every one of them that exudes an energy. (I have to admit, second to the Wands, I do so adore the Swords). They all have such a powerful message, one that can be applied to each day of your life, and one that I am trying to now begin to work with. It’s not easy but they are each a reminder that you can do amazing things if you put your mind to it, all you need is a little reminder sometimes of what you’re actually capable.

Ace of Wands

It is time to harness creative energy and move forward, putting fears aside in order to cultivate a dream


Ace of Cups

A time for new spiritual and emotional growth, a new partnership, marriage or mending of a relationship


Ace of Swords

New beginnings, a new point of view or inspiration


Ace of Pentacles

The ability to attract what you need in order to prosper while remaining grounded and down to earth


All images by Jennifer Galasso, Crystal Visions Tarot, US Games 2011


Why Tarot?

People often ask – what made you get into reading tarot? The short version is that it came by way of being Pagan. I was going through a rough time health-wise, laid up on my feet most of the time and not particularly doing anything or going anywhere because I couldn’t. So I meandered about online and found a Pagan school; I’d disconnected a lot from my faith and belief system throughout my teen years so it was nice to be able to dip my toe back in. The online school had a tarot course and my little eyes lit up because it had always been something I was quite fascinated with. Coincidentally timed with my birthday so I could talk family into getting me the deck I wanted for my birthday (being sick meant no work which meant not a lot of money which meant I could not buy the deck myself), and I began to immerse myself in learning the art of tarot.

What I learned very quickly is the glamorous image I had in my head was not at all realistic. You know the one I mean, where the woman sits on her beautifully dressed table with her crystal ball and well worn cards, incense permeating the space, low light – all very mysterious and enchanting was not at all what tarot was about. Don’t get me wrong, there can be a shed-load of mysticism in tarot but it takes a lot of work and experience to be able to lay your cards out and get the story. Even though I’ve been doing it for a while, sometimes I can lay out a spread and not have the faintest clue what I’m looking at. It takes time and effort and definitely practice. I also learned that while I can (and do) channel some “predictive” information through tarot, I more often than not find myself being the counsellor, advisor, advice-giver extraordinaire (okay that’s me being overly generous with myself). Ultimately my ability to read and interpret tarot comes through my desire to help, a knack for giving guidance – in some ways tarot has now lead me to perhaps what is going to be my life path. Psychotherapy and Counselling (which I will be studying this year) is not something I had ever considered to my journey – God knows half the time I hide from people but tarot and counselling actually fit perfectly together as a healing modality.

But I digress – or tangent (which I do often do), tarot for me became a doorway into understanding myself, the things going on in my life and a way to look at a situation and see possible outcomes, speed bumps, obstacles and ways round. I found a home in a deck of cards and it spoke to me. I’d love to lay it out as though I am a selfless individual channelling divine guidance in an act of purity to help those who need a guiding light in their life (yeah, I’m really not that saccharine sweet) but honestly, it occupied my mind and gave me something to think about. What intrigues me I learn about, what fascinates me I try to understand; my mind constantly craves stimulation, knowledge and actionable problem solving and tarot offered this to me. I could look at the cards and before lay a challenge, a message needing to be worked out, interpreted and put back together into a coherent narrative that made sense.

Once I began to get into the flow of reading for myself, I tentatively started reading for others and found I had a knack for it. It was a surprise – still is most of the time. Some people I was able to give sound advice to, show a path forward, others I seemed to be able to do a long-range view for. I never found myself particularly “predictive” but sometimes things would come out in the cards that presented as future events – or rather future possibilities because one thing I have also learned with tarot is that nothing is set in stone. The future is fluid; it’s never a straight line so the smallest decision can change the future. I found that I enjoyed the challenge of understanding the symbols, signs and messages within the cards; to this day I sometimes look into certain cards and see things I missed the first time round and it opens up a whole new meaning to the card or the reading.

Tarot can sometimes have a reputation as “new agey” or “woo woo” but I have found it can be an incredible tool for personal growth, self awareness and insight into your thoughts and emotions. While I find that it doesn’t always give you the answer you want to hear, it does often have a straightforward truthfulness that to this day is surprising – or aggravating – depending on your mood when you read. Between some tarot friends and I, we often say ‘if you don’t want the truth, don’t ask the tarot’ and I do firmly believe that. Tarot is simply the messenger, it has no agenda, no ulterior motive, it simply is and it simply delivers.

TBH – From Darkness to Light


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Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anyone” – Mark Twain

I’ve always been fascinated by the Moon. It never spoke to me when at Her full lusciousness but rather in depths of the night when Her face was not visible. The energies always tugged at me more than any other time and it was within this fullness of night that I begin to wonder about the darkness that is so often hidden from view and how the Moon can illuminate right to the core of the soul.

My journey as Pagan and Reader has always been to try and work to the depths of the soul and find truth, light and a path through. And like the Moon, we all ebb and flow, follow cycles and become something new but something familiar all at once. There has never been more of a time than this year I feel to really tune into the inner darkness and find the road to light. While I am anything but a proper love and light sort (my flavours sometimes run to the darker themes), I recognise that one can’t always live in the light nor can one live completely in the dark either. There has to be a balance, a culmination of the Soul’s journey and everything we learn along the way.

The cards that best illustrate that to me are The Journey, The Mirror and Moon on the Water (gorgeous cards from the Wildwood Tarot)


The Journey (Death)

It is time to face the inevitable, to let the bones be laid bare and acknowledge the deepest aspects of your fears and desires. Do not fear change, because this is also a time of purification and realignment.”

The Crow is one of my Spirit Animals, my guides – as is the Stag and in some ways this card hits me the hardest because it brings to bear the stark realities of life – whether it be magical or mundane. It is the beginning of working with the Shadow, of wading through the Darkness toward a clearer path. This is one of the cards where the Moon is quite prominent, leading one toward the light or illuminating the path that lay ahead. Crows have always been aligned with Darkness, the occult, the Other but ultimately I find them to be powerful messengers; creatures that can not only survive but thrive using their keen intellect, connections and ability to adapt.


The Mirror (Hanged Man)

In The Mirror, a surrender of will is required. Insights may come from dreams and meditations, but now is not the time to force the pace or drive on with a plan or desire until you have heard what your soul has to say, and your bruised and wounded spirit has been healed.”

The Mirror reflects our struggles, our highs and lows and the truth of things whether we wish it to or not. Ultimately our experiences, our ideas and our dreams are mirrored into the real world whether we want them to be or not. Reflection is a good way to walk through one’s darkness, one’s struggle and while it is never comfortable, it is sometimes necessary. To surrender will is to surrender to the darkness, the light and to the path that will ultimately find you making your way back to the centre of who you are. I won’t pretend that illumination is easy, there are parts of myself that I’d rather pretend were elsewhere or non-existent but as it stands, it’s not always the case. The Mirror is a portal to other worlds, it is the doorway to spirits and the contraption that trips us up, delivers self doubt and criticism so the Mirror is also the hurdle that we must overcome to be who we are. To learn to look beyond the reflection and see the naked truth that lay beyond.


Moon on Water (The Moon)

Now your soul brings into your physical world the symbolic keys to the collective human subconscious. This may take the form of a desire to investigate or study a doctrine, philosophy or esoteric pursuit, or the wish to explore untapped sexual energy and experience a tighter spiritual bond with a partner through honesty and the expression of your hidden desires.”

This card is always a mystery to me, it speaks of things hidden or not yet revealed. It can herald secrets, darkness, intuition and oftentimes a truth hidden. As the moon moves through phases, so too does life and one must understand that change is inevitable, it may not always be welcome but it will happen. The tides change and new things are upon us, but the Moon also reflects the surface back to us and now may be the time to reflect upon yourself, your dreams and desires and see if you are now ready to follow them. Can you reflect on the hidden depths of yourself? Accept them? Embrace them? Work with them and understand them? Are they something you can let go of? The Moon can cast a shadow as easily as she casts light, it is up to us what we hold out into the light and what we let stay within the shadow. But sometimes, however hard or however frightening, we need to expose our Shadow to the Light and begin to see ourselves in all our resplendent glory.

And now for perhaps my favourite card of all time that beautifully illustrates moving from the darkness into the light, of engaging our entire soul for the journey and of finally shedding our old skin and becoming:


Out of dark, stormy clouds comes a bright beam of sunlight which illuminates the moment of victory. What was perhaps looked upon as a painful death or great loss has been revealed as a rebirth into something better. Knowledge, willpower and trust in spirit have helped to create gold out of dross. Like the fabled Phoenix, the dragon rises from the symbolic ashes of an outworn existence or experience into a new and brighter cycle of life.”

Every time I see this card it brings forth the idea that nothing is permanent and change is always possible; a new day will dawn and with the chance to rewrite the direction of your life. I think it really does remind us that we can take any darkness and change it to light; with a roar and sense of purpose we can achieve great things. If I’m feeling down I look at this card, I think it is the most powerfully potent symbolism in any tarot deck for the Death card. It truly encapsulates the journey of the human spirit from despair to triumph, powerlessness to powerfulness and from the darkness into the light.


Card Images: Wildwood Tarot/Will Worthington/Sterling Publishing Co Inc/Jun 2011
Celtic Dragon Tarot/DJ Conway & Lisa Hunt/Llewellyn Publications US/Nov 1999